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Titanen T-Shirt Payment Due
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Die vorgewaschenen (preshrunk) T-Shirts aus 100% hochwertiger Baumwolle werden in den USA von der Firma 7.62 Design hergestellt. Die T-Shirts sind auf dem Rücken mit dem großen Bild und vorne auf..

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Assault on Khorram: Star Legions Book 2 , Hörbu...
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Burning with rage from the combat losses at Cilicia, the Black Legion wants payment, and Lord Cyrus has a target that will satisfy even the most greedy of his warriors. It is a target so rich that he wonders if the mercenaries will even have enough ships to carry off the loot. Hundreds of ships and thousands of mercenaries start their epic journey through the deadly Su´bartu Maelstrom that will take them to the heart of the Median Empire, a region protected by the vast Imperial Fleet. Few ships have ever made the journey, but this is no mere fleet of traders. The battle hardened mercenaries of the Legion are interested in just one thing, loot, and they intend on finding it no matter where they have to go or who they have to kill. Xenophon and his comrades face greater danger when divisions in the fleet threaten the entire operation. Xenophon and Glaucon are forced to choose, but where do their loyalties now lie? To the Titan they live aboard, or the Legion and its desire for blood and spoils that knows no bounds? On the eve of greatest battle of their lives, the Legion may tear itself apart before firing even a single shot. Assault on Khorram is the second book in the Star Legions series from Michael G. Thomas, the best-selling author of the Star Crusades series. Previously published as the Black Legion series. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Ian Gordon. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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